The Rocket Is Tweeting About His Erections, We're Pretty Sure

There's an update in the enthralling love story of Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready!!

If you haven't been following events, McCready is apparently the subject of a sex tape during which she was interviewed and said The Rocket sometimes had trouble getting it up, and that her former boyfriend (actor Dean Cain) was better-endowed than Clemens.

Today, The Rocket fired back, via Twitter:

and BTW...I've taking great care of my body and to this date and time all the pipes on this body are still working great. Thx for asking..

(Not mentioned: The Dean Cain comparison. We may have to wait for further tweets.)

Of course, "all the pipes on this body" may not include the penis; Clemens could be making a cardiovascular assessment of himself.

But we're guessing The Rocket indeed was putting out the word -- possibly to any future crazed country singers -- that he's got no troubles pleasing the ladies.

Not heard from yet: His wife.

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