The Roll-N Saloon Can't Be Killed Yet

Rumor on  the 'net had it that the Roll-N Saloon -- one of the last dive bars between Montrose and, hell, Brookshire on Houston's tony West Side -- was slated for the wrecking ball. Supposedly the strip mall that houses the hard-by-the-train-tracks San Felipe tavern  was soon to make way for yet more "upscale retail development," which seemed to make sense, as that is all there is in that area for miles in every direction.

Hair Balls called Roll-N owner Joe Lee for confirmation, only to be told that (thankfully) the rumor is false. "No, they're offering new leases over there," he said. "It does look like it needs to be torn down. They haven't done any repairs since the storm. But our lease isn't up until the beginning of next year, so we won't have to worry about it until November or December, but we'll be here for a while, unless somebody kicks a pole over and the roof caves in."

So score one for the dwindling West Side dives. The Roll-N might have evolved into a dive for rich folks, but the staff and ambiance has nevertheless remained unpretentious and velvet rope/valet-free.   

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