The Ron Paul Minions Get Greedy

FLASH ALERT from the Lew Rockwell blog, home to all things libertarian: Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson/John Adams/Solomon of our benighted day, needs your help.

Warmonger Michael McCaul is gaining on Ron Paul in the final bracket of the Houston Chronicle's online poll to determine the most effective congressman in Texas. Earlier today, Ron was 97%-3%. Now he is down to 90%-10%. Have you voted? The polls close tonight at 11:59pm Texas time.

What? Ron Paul might slip below 90 percent in some utterly meaningless online poll gamed by his army of followers? Panic time!!

We're trying to figure out a definition of "most effective Congressman" that could result in Ron Paul being considered a candidate.

Most effective in blocking Mother Theresa medals? Most effective current member of Congress from Angleton?

"Most effective in having his obsessed troops vote in online polls" would probably be the best answer.

The poll in question was a brackets-type March Madness thing by the Chron's Washington bureau. And any such effort that comes up with a McCaul vs. Paul final is obviously highly, highly scientific and will be useful to political scientists for decades to come.

It could mark the beginning of the end of the Paul Era, if he winds up with less than 90 percent.

If you're wondering, by the way, how Rockwell -- who disdains elections -- can urge people to vote, he says its because this poll uses no tax money.

"[T]his is a private, non-coercive election, and easy - unlike pain-in-the-neck government elections," he says. "And like the giant American Idol polls, this shows real popular opinion without any cost imposed on the public by the government."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.