The Ron Paul Revolution Begins Its Next Step

If you weren't annoyed enough by the baying hordes of Ron Paul supporters in 2008 (Fiat money!! Plague on both their houses!!!), get ready for The Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Generation.

The Texas congressman has a son named Rand, who we really hope -- likely in vain -- is not named after the author of the uber-tedious Atlas Shrugged, and he's making noises about running for the Senate from Kentucky. (The only good part about that last sentence -- the final two words.)

"I am very serious about running for Sen. Bunning's seat if he decides not to run," 46-year-old Rand Paul told CNN. "Until he makes a final pronouncement, I'm trying not to do anything formally but I'm very close to making a decision."

You may not be shocked to learn that, as CNN puts it, the younger Paul's political views "closely resemble those of his conservative father."

Which, normally, would marginalize him just as it did his father, until the power of the internet and the $20 "click here to donate" button made libertarianism a cash cow for ol' Dad.

Rand Paul is also in the medical business -- he's an opthalmologist. He'd be running against Jim Bunning, who is, to be blunt, one of the shames of the Senate, someone even the Republicans hope will hang it up this time.

If Rand wins, the Paul Revolution will have a foothold in both houses of Congress. The presidency, surely, cannot be far behind.

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