The Saga of Vince Young, Continued...

I wrote earlier about Vince Young's injury on Sunday, and about Young apparently quitting on the team just before he was injured. It now appears that, at least for a couple of hours last night, the Tennessee Titans were concerned that Vince Young may have been trying to quit on himself.


It's a strange story, of which many of the details are just now becoming available. But it seems as if the Titans were contacted by a close friend of Young who told them that he had left his house in an emotionally distraught condition, and that he had left his cellphone so that he could not be contacted. The Titans, acting on these concerns, called the Nashville police and asked to watch for Young's SUV. The Nashville police, echoing the concern of the Titans, put out an alert on Young.

The Titans were eventually able to contact Young, and he later came to the team's practice facility for a meeting with head coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher claims that Young is fine.

The Nashville police report that there was a handgun in Young's car, but that it was unloaded and in the glove compartment. A friend of Young, Raymond White, states that he and Young were together at this time in the office of former Oiler/Titan/Raven quarterback Steve McNair, and that they were eating wings and watching Monday Night Football.

So while it appears that nothing happened, it reads as if there is still lots of information missing. There were friends of Vince Young who were so concerned about his well-being that they contacted the Titans. The Titans were so concerned that they contacted the police, and the police were bothered enough by the information that they received that they started a search. And unloaded or not, a gun in a car with what appears to be an emotionally unstable person is not always the best of signs.

While I haven't always been the biggest fan of Vince Young, I hope that things get worked out. Maybe having to take two to four weeks off because of his injury will help him out. And I can't help but thinking that an ultimate cure might be facing the Texans defense. -- John Royal

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