The Sales-Tax Holiday: The Odd, Inscrutable List of What's Taxed and What Isn't

Tomorrow begins the tax-free holiday weekend, aimed mostly at parents of school kids even though some schools, like Houston ISD, have been open for a week.

As always, the state has issued official lists of what gets taxed and what doesn't. And as always, those lists can leave you scratching your head.

7. Taxed: Hard hats
In case you were wondering if a hard hat counts as school supplies, it doesn't. Unless you're learning at the Construction High, in which case you're just out of luck.

6. Not taxed: Belts with buckles. Taxed: Buckles without belts
This is Texas, right? A man has the right to choose his hubcap-sized belt buckle and match it up to whatever belt he wants, correct? NOT WHEN RICK PERRY'S RUNNING THE STATE. Vote Democratic, yo, cowboys.

School's open! Stock up on those onesies!
5. Taxed: Golf gloves
Kinkaid, you have been warned.

4. Not taxed: Robes
Because no schoolkid's outfit is complete without a comfy terrycloth robe. For some reason.

3. Not taxed: Hiking boots. Taxed: Climbing boots
Better hope those trails are flat and level.

2.Taxed: Handkerchiefs
Use your sleeve, kids.

1. Not taxed: Baby clothes
Well, you know how promiscuous students are these days. Plus, a new UT study says sex helps stop teen delinquency.

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