The Seven Wildest Astronaut Hair Photos, and the Two Grave Disappointments

Zero gravity can wreak havoc on hair. Female astronauts can do pretty much anything males can, but the men simply cannot match women when it comes to alarming pictures of space hair.

Until, we guess, some hippie dude flies up to the space station.

Here are the seven best pictures of hair going wild in space, followed by two astronauts who we had such high hopes for, only to be disappointed.

7. Judith Resnik Resnik rode with, among others, Mike Mullen, who wrote the entertaining memoir Riding Rockets. In it he tells how Resnik's hair fouled up the new and very expensive IMAX camera but she was horrified at the thought of what that news would do to the reputation of the still-nascent female-astronaut corps.

"If you so much as breathe a word to [Mission Control] about my hair jamming the camera, I'll cut your heart out with a spoon," she told the astronaut reaching for the microphone to contact Houston. ("Or perhaps she threatened a more vital area of his anatomy," Mullen adds.)

The crew told Mission Control they had no idea why the camera was malfunctioning.

6. Cady Coleman Space. It makes you go from this:

to this:

5. Karen Nyberg Even ponytails must run wild.

4. Tracy Caldwell Yeah, we think you're getting the hang of it there. Little more brush work and it'll look just fine.

3. Julie Payette We like how Medusa here has a look halfway between amused and "Whaddya lookin' at?"

2. Marsha Ivins We think she was trying to set some kind of record here, and succeeded.

1. A double-header Barbara Morgan (front) and Caldwell (rear) seem to be having more trouble with their hair than Scott Kelly, lower right.

And then there are the two disappointments. We greatly looked forward to seeing Suni Williams in space, based on her official portrait:

But alas, even though Williams went on to set the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, she apparently could not provide a moment of true hair magic.

And Stephanie Williams? Another whose portrait looked promising, and one that would allow blacks to break the color barrier of spacehair craziness (Mae Jemison had a close-cropped `do.)

Check out the potential:

Unfortunately, that too was apparently not allowed to bloom for the cameras:

She could be working downtown, for crying out loud, not in orbit, for all the wildness we're getting.

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