The Single Worst Person to Pick Up a Buddy Stopped for Driving Without a License Gets Arrested

When you're pulled over and the cop discovers you don't have a valid driver's license, he's generally not going to let you drive away. So you call a friend. Or a co-worker.

That's what one Montgomery County man did, and that co-worker showed up to take over driving duties.

That 26-year-old man showed up for this duty even though a) he knew there was a cop waiting and supervising the scene; and b) he not only did not have a valid driver's license himself but, as the police blotter on the incident puts it, he "had at least four previous convictions for the same offense."

The fact he showed up perhaps showed supreme loyalty to a friend, taking a chance on not getting caught despite it being pretty damn clear he had notorious bad luck when it comes to cops and driving without a license (four times?).

Or maybe it just shows supreme dumbness.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office doesn't have further information readily available -- although we feel bound to add the arrest happened "in the area of Coon Hollow and Massey roads" -- so we don't have the name of the guy who made such a noble sacrifice.

Or to put it another way, the guy who thought "This is going to be the time my luck changes when it comes to tickets for driving without a license!!! There's no way I'm going to be asked to produce one!!"

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