Lomax walks the line. Will you? (C'mon, the weather's nice.)

The Sole Man Wants You

In the aftermath of my "Sole of Houston" article, in which yours truly and Geoffrey "Uncle Tick" Mueller walked the entire length of Westheimer, I've received some interesting mail. None more so than this, which was sent to our home address:

"I think you are on to something here. After people read this article they'll want to walk, but they'll need a reason (not just to get to work or a store). So.....if Ken Hoffman can go whole-hog with the MS 150 you need to figure out some cause to support and have people walk "The Westheimer 16" (miles). Unlike the MS 150 there is no training required, no expensive gear or silly pants, just bring cash for the frequent stops for libations."

Well, why not? Would anyone be interested in slogging Westheimer with me and a few dozen of our friends, all for a good cause? Or maybe South Main from Sugar Land to Allen's Landing? North Main from somewhere in the Piney Woods to Allen's Landing? Telephone Road? Or maybe Richmond from Highway 6 to that ramshackle Sears at Wheeler Station...

Fellow Pedestrians! Rise! Let's take the city back with our feet and our thirst and do it all for charity! -- John Nova Lomax

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