The Space Age In Houston -- In Color!

The 1960s in Houston still mostly exist in black and white....except in the photos of Calvin E. Burdick, Jr. He was an inveterate photographer whose son, Josh, offered us some shots for an item we did on the Astrodome documentary that's being made.

We asked him to dig through his Dad's slides for some more scenes from the city's past. He found a time when downtown was still a thriving destination of locally owned stores, where people gathered for big events like a political candidate's motorcade. And he found a lot of shots of the threadbare skyline that was considered huge in its day.

Check them out -- the first slideshow features shots of Rice, the old Colt .45s' stadium and 1960 visits by LBJ and Richard Nixon; the second includes shots of the ExxonMobil building going up. (We had to downsize them a bit, unfortunately, so you might have to squint to see some of the details we mention.)

Compare them to what you know of downtown Houston now. It was a simpler time.

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Richard Connelly
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