The Sports Animal 790 Is a Turkey

I want to give a shout out to the folks over at The Sports Animal, 790 KBME. I’m giving them a shout for reporting yesterday afternoon the breaking news that TSU had fired its athletic director. Which must have been breaking news because Chron.com had the story on Monday and the Chron’s Jerome Solomon had a Tuesday morning column on the matter.

So yeah, I guess it is nice The Sports Animal actually recognized the existence of TSU, but if they’re going to get their breaking news from the Chron, maybe they should acknowledge that as well.

Oh, and I was stuck listening to The Sports Animal midday team yesterday – really, I swear that 790 has that damn team run over into Charlie Pallilo’s timeslot in hopes that we’ll actually listen to them the next day (sorry, it ain’t going to happen). What caught my ear was when one of the two, I’m thinking it was J. Money, but I could be wrong, said to make sure to listen to The Sports Animal on Wednesday because they’d be the only station with local coverage following the Clemens/McNamee cage match.

I know that 790 is trying to get a rating for some show besides Pallilo, but I’m calling them out on this. They’re weren’t only Houston sports station with live local programming after the Clemens hearings. Far from it.

Then again, seeing as The Animal was a day late on the TSU matter, maybe they meant they’d be the only station live with Clemens programming on Thursday. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.