"The Sports Animal" Does Some Shedding

Is one of the myriad sports-talk radio stations in town beginning to blink in their eyeball-to-eyeball-to-eyeball-to-eyeball battle?

Clear Channel, the communications giant, swung the layoff ax across the country today, and it hit notably in Houston.

The biggest names: Brad Davies and Craig Roberts of the 790 KBME morning show. (On the non-sports side, Donna McCoy of Sunny 99.1 is gone; dentists' offices everywhere sob.)

Replacing Davies and Roberts will be even more of the (not so enjoyable) "Monsters of the Midway" show with former Chronicle columnist John P. Lopez and Ted DeLuca.

That pair will host a show from 6 am-8 am, then sit around while the station runs the syndicated Dan Patrick show (the ESPN host, not the nutty state senator/ex-radio guy), then come back on the air from 11 am-3 pm.

That's one sucky work schedule.


Speculation is rife that 790, the "Sports Animal," may be eventually losing the "sports" part of its title.

The only solid show they air is Charlie Pallilo's afternoon drive, and there are other places on the Clear Channel dial where he could do that. (We still think he wants to take over for Milo Hamilton whenever that guy finally hangs it up, but would the Astros break up the pair that works with the past-his-prime Milo at home games and by themselves on the road?)

Expect more in the way of changes, we're guessing. And so are the people on this industry message board.

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