The Spring School District In Full Retreat: Oh God, Not "Team-Building" Exercises

KHOU had a nice report recently about Spring ISD spending thousands of dollars on staff retreats at a time when school districts generally are hurting for cash.

A couple of things, though.

1) Here's some of the report: "One retreat will take place this week at La Torretta Del Lago Resort and Spa. The resort's Web site says there are 445 'lush' suites, many with 'breathtaking views' of Lake Conroe....Later this summer, Spring ISD administrators will head to another overnight getaway, this one at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes just east of Cleveland, Texas."

Cleveland. Texas and "breathtaking views of Lake Conroe"? Oh, the humanity!!

These reports always feature the relevant hotel's generous description of itself, which really doesn't tell you much. For instance, if you wanted to go by a recent press release, you could describe a Motel 6 as a place with a "sleek European boutique-style guestroom" that feature "bright accent colors, ambient lighting, and a pedestal bed that complements the room's sleek, clean design."

Sounds great, but it's still a Motel 6.

2) KHOU's report also noted this

The cost of one "leadership retreat" for high school administrators is $3,840 for rooms and meals. Included in that amount is $720 for a "Challenge Course," which the resort's Web site shows can involve canoe races and tree climbing....The "Challenge Course" is for team building."

Youhave our sympathies, employees of Spring ISD. We hope the fall-backwards-and-hope-someone-catches-you thing went well.

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