The Stimulus Package And The McCain-est County In Texas

We wrote after the election about King County, the Texas county that gave John McCain his biggest percentage margin in the presidential race.

Fully 93 percent of King County's voters went for the Republican, even though the county clerk told us the county is "pretty Democratic."

Eight voters -- not eight percent, but eight voters -- went for Obama. The latest census shows 11 black residents in the county, but we make no assumptions.

Anyway, the hard-digging folks at the Texas Watchdog site have put together an interactive map showing the amount of money each Texas county will get from Obama's stimulus package.

Harris County, for example? $300.4 million. Travis? $113 million.

And King County? Nada.

Now, it could very well be that there aren't many "shovel-ready projects" in the rural county south of the Panhandle, save for an odd cattle guard or two.

Or it might be that payback's a bitch, and the White House has been planning this revenge since November.

We're taking Option A, actually.

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