The Super-Fast Hennessy Venom GT Visits City Hall (w/Video of It Getting to 186 MPH in 13.63 Seconds at Ellington)

If Mayor Annise Parker endorses -- nay, celebrates -- a street-legal car that went 300 kilometers per hour (that's 186 mph) within the city limits of Houston, then she's obviously encouraging everyone to get out on the Loop and hit triple digits on the speedometer, right?

Not necessarily, you'll be shocked to learn.

Parker was merely admiring the Hennessey Venom GT parked (illegally) outside City Hall, studying the flashy semi-Batmobile with its 1,244 horses, only the seventh of its type to be built so far.

The million-dollar car -- with its normal interior and using regular ol' gas -- had been taken to Ellington Field, where, among the miles of straight paved runways, it effortlessly flew through the 300 kph barrier in 13.63 seconds.

You know you want the video:


Going 186 mph -- what's that, a 15-minute drive to Galveston? (Our math is as bad as our car knowledge, so hold us to nothing.)

Parker was there to see the car and to promote the Aeros & Autos festival this weekend at Ellington Airport. Visitors will not just see Aeros -- they will not just see Autos -- but they will also see what the city describes as "the debut of 'Jet' our airport mascot."

Visitors will not be allowed to travel 300 kph in the Venom.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.