The Ten Sexiest (Male) Texans of Our Lifetime

Last week we gave you our 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime. It was a list that was, admittedly, vagina-biased.

We make it up to the people who love guys with this definitive list, which involved more asking around than the first one.

Here are, then, the ten sexiest Texas men of our lives:

10. Sean Patrick Flanery You won't even wonder whatever happened to that missing "n" in his last name when this Houston hottie looks your way.

9. Kris Kristofferson Rhodes Scholar, Air Force vet, writer of iconic songs, political activist, survived making a cheesy Barbra Streisand movie: You'd have a lot to talk about in the warm afterglow of hot, sweaty sex.

8. Chace Crawford Yes, he's way young and only stars on some semi-network show, but this guy almost redeems the soulless Dallas suburb of Plano.

7. Emilio No, not the defeated, aged man trying to defend himself from drunk-driving charges. Emilio back in the day set Tejano hearts aflame and rocked the 'stache.

6. Tommy Lee Jones A polo-loving Harvard grad with a taciturn Texas cowboy style.

5. Patrick Swayze `Nuff said.

4. Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid vs. Randy Quaid is like Jeff Bridges vs. Beau Bridges: Sorry, all the steaminess went to one brother only. It seems a crime to show a picture of Quaid where he isn't smiling, but in all of those he keeps his shirt on.

3. Matthew McConaughey The world's most-famous nude bongo player is -- as Matt Damon made perfectly clear -- congenitally unable to keep his shirt on. No one complains.

2. Usher Sure, he's from Dallas, but....but....check out those abs. Those sweet, sweet, rockhard webs. We're told.

1. Luke Wilson Obviously, we're not claiming any expertise on our choices, but this one baffles us. We wouldn't have thought Luke would be the leading Wilson brother. But there is an undeniable calling out there for slightly goofy-looking, dark-haired guys who do phone commercials, we guess.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.