The Ten Worst Houston Neighborhoods for Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is no fun to endure; it's bad enough being assaulted and all, and then you throw in the aggravating part.

If you wish to avoid it, you might consider staying away from these 10 neghborhoods, the ones with the most agg assaults in November, the most recent stats available.

As we've mentioned before, take these with a grain of salt: HPD recommends against making comparisons with raw data because spikes can skew reality; also, some neighborhoods can find their stats affected by a single apartment complex or group of incidents.

That said.....

10. Beat 7C10 -- 16 assaults. Fifth Ward and Pinecrest

9. Beat 6B30 -- 16 assaults. Inwood Forest and Woodland Trails, centering around the intersection of Little York & Antoine.

8. Beat 19G50 -- 17 assaults. Forum Park, Stancliff. Bellfort and Bissonnet, north of the Southwest Freeway.

7. Beat 13D20 -- 17 assaults. Glenbrook Valley, Garden Villas. Around Hobby Airport.

6. Beat 14D20 -- 18 assaults. Sunnyside, Bayou Estates. More or less between Airport Boulevard and the South Loop, east of 288.

5. Beat 14D30 -- 18 assaults. Inwood Terrace, Southpark. The area southwest of Mykawa and the South Loop.

4. Beat 19G10 -- 18 assaults. Westwood Mall area.

3. Beat 14D10 -- 20 assaults. McGregor Terrace, Riverside Terrace. OST south to the Loop, east of 288

2. Beat 7C20 -- 21 assaults. Kashmere Gardens, Wilshire Place. Around Cavalcade, on the east side of the Eastex Freeway.

1. Beat 17E40 -- 22 assaults. Fondren Southwest. Both sides of West Bellfort, basically between South Gessner and Hillcroft.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.