The Texans' Owen Daniels, Conducting His Contract Holdout Via Facebook

You might have heard the news today that Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels has decided to join Texans defensive back Dunta Robinson by not reporting for "voluntary" off-season training activities today. And both are holding out for a better contract offer from the Texans.

But Daniels took his hold-out that extra step today when he decided to use his Facebook page to vent his anger. Now I'm not one of Daniels' Facebook friends, so I don't have actual access to his Facebook page. Luckily for us, however, someone who is a friend of Daniels grabbed a screenshot and sent it to the good folks at Deadspin who decided that this news needed to be shared to the public. (And if you'll notice, one of the comments supporting Daniels is from former Texan defensive end Anthony Weaver.)

For his status, Daniels states that "unfairness on the texans side = me not showing up to practice. sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself."

Daniels is a restricted free agent. The Texans have offered him a one-year $2.7 million contract. Daniels prefers a longer-term arrangement. Daniels, a former fourth-round draft pick, has started every game the past two seasons. Last season, he set career highs with
70 receptions and 862 yards for 12.3 yards per catch. He has 10 career TD receptions, and he was a Pro Bowl selection last year.

I won't get into the contract negotiations, but I would note that Daniels has been a favorite safety-valve receiver to David Carr, Matt Schaub, and Sage Rosenfels, and he always seems to be open. The Texans call Daniels one of their core players, and state that negotiations are ongoing and that the two sides are talking. But I'm betting that the Texans didn't know that the two sides were talking via Facebook status lines.

But I wonder, how much longer until contract fights make Twitter. Won't that be fun?

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