The Texans Promise To Address The Defense In The Draft. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

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Who will be the next Texans draft bust?
Guess what kids, according to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Texans are going to use this upcoming draft to address problems with the defense. Yeah, that's rather shocking news because, God knows, they've been ignoring the defensive end of the team for the past five years or so.

What's that you say? They haven't? Wow, what do you know, since Rick Smith came in as GM and took over the draft, the Texans have had 31 draft picks. And 17 of those picks have supposedly been used to address deficiencies on the defensive side of the football. And we all know how well that's turned out.

It's turned out so well that the Texans finished 29th in defense in terms of total points and 30th in terms of total yards surrendered last season. So it's terrifying to think of how bad the defense would be if the Texans hadn't been addressing the defense with the draft.

Even better, the story says the Texans will be drafting the best player on their board. And if the phrase "drafting the best player on their board" doesn't scare the crap out of you, then nothing will. After all, in the past several drafts, the best defensive player on the Texans' draft board have included Kareem Jackson, Brian Cushing, and Amobi Okoye.

What the story doesn't address -- primarily because it would probably include John McClain addressing the competence of the Texans management and having to say something negative -- is just how this year will be any different from any other year in the Texans defensive draft history? The same guys are still running the Texans draft. As far as I can tell, they've still got the same guys out scouting players.

These, after all, are the same geniuses who passed on Devin McCourty because Jackson was supposedly the most NFL-ready of the cornerbacks in the draft. The Texans were the only ones to think this, of course. So maybe the thinking behind the ranking of choices on the Texans draft board needs to be questioned.

This same thinking has seen the Texans lose out on guys like Clay Matthews and Tracy Porter because they weren't the highest ranked players at their position on the Texans draft board. So the Chron stating that the Texans are going to stress defense in this draft, and go for the best defensive players on their draft board just shouldn't inspire confidence in the hearts of minds of Texans fans.

How will he screw up the draft this year?
And don't worry about the Texans switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense, which is what Wade Phillips runs, even though the Texans aren't quite equipped with players to run the 3-4. First, the Texans will supposedly address this matter in the draft when they supposedly take the best players on their draft board. But also because, according to McClain, Phillips doesn't really run a 3-4 defense, even though he runs a 3-4 defense.

So don't worry Texans fans. Things are going to be fine. The Texans are going to address the issues with their awful defense come the draft. Just forget that they've supposedly been addressing this issue since Charley Casserly was the GM in Houston. And don't worry because this year, things will be different when it comes to addressing the draft because the Chron says it will be different. Just forget about the fact that Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith are still running the draft and they've made as much a habit of screwing up the draft as Kubiak has made a habit of screwing up when it comes to clock management.

Yeah, if ever there was a reason to hope for a lockout, knowing that Kubiak and Smith are poised to screw things up once again should do it.

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