The Tilman Tale, Continued

We've finally received the official statement from Galveston city manager Steve LeBlanc on whether Landry's owner Timan Fertitta is a

cold, heartless bitch

who didn't want to give up the Galveston Convention Center for use as a temporary shelter.

It says he isn't. Kinda. And the Galveston County Daily News is offering nuggets that still indicate otherwise.

The statement:

The City of Galveston wishes to clarify reports on the status and availability of the Galveston Island Convention Center at the San Luis Resort. Initial media reports reflected that the Convention Center was available for use by the City of Galveston as a temporary shelter. Unknown to city officials at the time of that report was that the Conventin Center sustained water damage and the process of remediation of that damage was underway. It is expected that the repairs will be completed over the next two to four weeks and that the Convention Center will be available and able to accommodate the revitalization of the City of Galveston's economy at that time.

A spokesperson for Landry's says that the statement is the only comment the company will have.

By the way, we're pretty sure that "the Convention Center will be available and able to accommodate the revitalization of the City of Galveston's economy at that time" means "no way in hell will we be used as a temporary shelter."

Here's some info from the bottom of the latest Daily News report, though:

On Tuesday evening, LeBlanc announced to his staff that the Red Cross would open a shelter for 1,500 people at the Galveston Island Convention Center, which is managed by Landry’s Restaurants.

When contacted about the shelter plans, Landry’s officials said no one from the city or the Federal Emergency Management Agency had discussed the situation with them.

Three hours after announcing the convention center shelter, LeBlanc said the plans had changed.

The Galveston Island Convention Center did have some flooding in its ground floors. Restoration company crews were working Wednesday to dry out the carpet and pump water out of the parking garage.

But Landry’s officials said groups that had reserved the facility for events in October were still planning to come to town.

Landry’s officials also had an appointment to show the building tomorrow to a group that wanted to book it for sometime in the future.

We guess having a bunch of homeless refugees would put a damper on the glamor that is the Galveston Island Convention Center.

Update: It's tents for everybody!

-- Richard Connelly

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