The Top Hurricane Ike Myths

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The Bay Area Houston Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau says there are a lot of myths going around about Hurricane Ike damage, and they're determined to stop them.

So they've issued a release listing the Top Five Myths Following Hurricane Ike, and they address each with no-nonsense answers.

But in a world of myth, it's sometimes hard to tell the real myths from the fake. So here's a list of 10 Top Ike Myths; you'll have to guess which came from the Bay Area C of C's Bureau's list and which did not.

1. Myth: "I heard that the bay was so full of sunken boats that you could walk from one end of the bay to the other. Where is everyone going to sail now?"

Fact: Although we can't say that all of the debris has been cleared, there are still plenty of activities available for on-the-water entertainment -- as the region is home to the third-largest pleasure boat basin in the country. Our charter boats have been running at full capacity, and Star Fleet Entertainment Yachts and FantaSea Yacht Charters both offer public sailings.

2. Myth: "I heard Jesus walked on water. Was that really just a trick involving Ike debris?"

Fact: Whether someone named "Jesus" walked on water or not is a matter of personal belief. If you believe He did, though, rest assured it did not involve any Ike debris, which has been cleared up so fast you'd think it was -- heh, heh -- a miracle!! Also, by the way, Jesus endorses FantaSea Yacht Charters.

3. Myth: "The seafood restaurants are open already? Where are they shipping the food in from, since we can't fish out of the bay anymore?"

Fact: There are no known safety issues with eating the seafood served in the region's restaurants. And the fish markets on the Seabrook waterfront, where so many purchase fresh seafood, have re-opened.

4. Myth: "I hear the Ship Channel water was affected by Ike. I bet you the fish from there are no good!"

Fact: The Ship Channel water was not affected by Ike. So feel free to eat fish from there to the degree you did before Ike hit. Make sure your affairs are in order before you do.

5.  Myth: "Now that Kemah Boardwalk is washed away, there's nothing to do in Bay Area Houston."

Fact: Kemah Boardwalk lives!  Almost all of the boardwalk's waterfront restaurants have re-opened, as has the Boardwalk Inn.  A double-decker carousel has also been added to the line-up of amusement rides. Even aside from the boardwalk, however, Bay Area Houston has
plenty of weekly events and attractions to offer.

6. Myth: "Now that the financial worth of Tilman Fertitta's Landry's is washed away, there's nowhere to get mediocre chain seafood."

Fact: Landry's lives! Even aside from their mediocre chain seafood, Fertitta has plenty of Joe's Crab Shacks to offer.

7. Myth: "I saw the NASA Hilton's lobby roof cave in on national TV!  I bet they'll never be able to reopen."

Fact: The Hilton, which housed numerous media during the storm, never actually closed its doors to visitors! They have completed their repairs and are taking reservations.

8. Myth: "I don't believe things can ever be rebuilt! If I see something on television that looks like it might need repairs, I immediately assume it is gone forever!! That's why I haven't gone back on Westheimer ever since I saw that Ike had caused a traffic light to fall into the road!!"

Fact: Many things that are damaged can, in fact, be rebuilt.

9. Myth: "What are they going to do with all of that land where Armand Bayou was?"

Fact: While the changes to the eco-system stemming from Hurricane Ike may still be unknown, Armand Bayou is not gone. In fact, Armand Bayou Nature Center is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and has opened new reptile exhibits in addition to its pontoon boat rides and breakfast on the bayou.

10. Myth: "What are they going to do with all of that land where Galveston was?"

Fact: You're hopeless, dude.

We are going to torture you, by the way, by not revealing which are the myths listed by the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Bureau and which are not. You'll just have to guess.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.