The True Winners of Pride Parade 2012

Once again, Houston's pride parade beat the heat and parking hassles and became an entertaining event.

Crowd estimates aren't generally close to accurate, but the accepted figure for Saturday night was about 150,000.

The Montrose was alive with floats, supporters, protesters, reunions and politicians.

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There were mostly winners in the event, but some specific categories stood out. And here are the winners of those categoies.

(For more pics, see the Pride Parade slideshow on our main page.)

5. Best False Advertising

Sorry, we're not buying the stated premise that that thong is filled with nothing but male genitals.

4. Best Overdressed Dude

Sure, it's probably down to a frigid 02 degrees by this point, but a jacket? Far too formal, sir, for beefcake like you. And don't tell us you're just trying to hide your Sig Sauer, 'cause you'll only get us hotter.

3. Best "Caught You Looking"

Face it: If you read this, she's right. 2. Best "Too Old to Give a Shit"

Yeah, yeah: You try standing for a parade as long as this thing when you're 58, then tell me you wouldn't appreciate a seat.

1. Best Possibly Illegal Refreshments

An ice-filled cooler within reach of the driver and his shotgun passenger? It better be filled with nothing but water and Gatorade, Sheriff.

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