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I’d like to thank Richard Connelly for grilling the

new president of the University of Houston, Renu Khator

. As a proud 1988 graduate of the UH Honors Program (now

Honors College

), I of course keep up with all things Cougar-related. So it disappointed me that Dr. Khator did relatively poorly with Connelly’s pop quiz – though I have to admit that I didn’t know who Lynn Eusan was either.

That said, I have come up with a few more questions with which to quiz Dr. Khator. I’ll give you the question, you fill in the blank. The answers will be at the bottom, so no peeking.

1. How many former Bond Girls have taught in the school’s drama department? For extra credit, name the actress(es), the title of the movie(s), and give the character name(s).

2. Forget Julian Schnabel (that was a bit too esoteric). How many Oscar-nominated actors have attended the school’s drama department? For extra credit, name the actor(s), and give the title of the nominated film(s).

3. This graduate of the Law School is currently best known for feuding with Barbara Walters. For extra credit, what is the source of the current feud?

4. This former classmate of mine was a candidate for President of the United States in 2004. For extra points, name the party he was candidate of.

But enough of those, let’s get to sports.

5. What former student and Olympic Gold Medalist is perhaps now better known for his botched rendition of the National Anthem?

6. What insufferable sports broadcaster has released a book about the grueling punishment involved with doing play-by-play for the Super Bowl, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, and The Masters in one year?

7. This undergrad and law school graduate is currently best known as the agent of Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.

8. The University of Houston baseball program has produced how many Cy Young Award winners? For extra credit, name the winner(s), and give the team(s).

9. Former Cougar football coach Bill Yeoman is often attributed with creating what offense?

10. The Cougar basketball program helped to push NCAA basketball into the national television limelight by playing a regular season game at the Astrodome. This is a multiple-part question. What school did the Cougars play? Who was the Cougar coach? Who was the opposition coach?


1. One. Lois Chiles, Dr. Holly Goodhead, Moonraker.

2. One. Randy Quaid, The Last Detail.

3. Star Jones (Reynolds). Lying about Jones’ gastric bypass surgery and/or Walters admitting to adultery in her biography.

4. David Cobb. The Green Party.

5. Carl Lewis.

6. Jim Nantz.

7. Randy Hendricks.

8. One. Doug Drabek. Pittsburgh Pirates.

9. The Veer.

10. UCLA. Guy V. Lewis. John Wooden.


18-21 Points: You remember when the Cougars had a real cougar for a mascot.

13-17 Points: You drove in for a few classes over a ten-year period.

9-12 Points: You refer to the place as Cougar High.

4-8 Points: You were rejected by Cougar High.

0-3 Points: You were rejected by Cougar High and went to Texas instead.

-- John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.