The U.S.'s Best Trick-Or-Treating Spot Is Right Here, Study Says

If you're busy plotting out your Halloween route in order to maximize efficiency, be sure to include Bellaire and, ummm, parts of Spring Branch on your list.

That's according to Zip Realty, which has come up with criteria to allegedly determine the 15 best places to trick-or-treat this year.

The absolute best spot in the entire country to trick-or-treat is not River Oaks or West U -- we can only assume the judges don't appreciate foie gras and Martha Stewart-ized candy apples doled out to kids showing neighborhood IDs -- no, the best spot in the nation is....Bellaire.

How did Zip determine this? They say they used "three evenly-weighted factors: median home sales price, presence of single-family homes, and walkability."

In case you're wondering, "candy quality" is not among the criteria. Which sucks, because kids are not going to be raving about median home sales prices if they're getting a small fistful of stale candy corn tossed in their bags.

Says Zip:

Bellaire is a suburb of Houston known as the "City of Homes," - it's one of the nation's top earning towns so bring an extra pillowcase for the candy you'll score!

Also making the list is area code 77055, which is on the other side of I-10 from the Villages and is described by Zip as "Spring Branch East, Spring Valley Village [and] Hilshire Village."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.