The Vince Young Show: Weirder and Weirder, With Today's Court Hearing

Things keep getting worse for Vince Young.

An application he filed in Harris County court was denied today amid questions of why it was ever brought in the first place. The dispute began in 2011 when Young nabbed a $1.9 million loan from Pro Player LLC so he could, we can only imagine, make it rain harder in the club, but then after defaulting on that loan -- the matter was taken to New York state court. At that point, it presumably became clear that Young could not fulfill his debt obligations with empty bottles of Cristal or unfulfilled potential, so the court ordered Young to fork over $1.7 million.

Young wasn't going down like that. On September 11, he asked for a temporary restraining order to keep Pro Player from collecting. And he did this, strangely enough, in Harris County civil court, despite the fact that all the litigation occurred in New York, and Texas -- though it would very much like it otherwise -- has no authority over New York. All of this was part of a larger case in which Young's claiming his former agents hoodwinked him out of millions of dollars. Young, who allegedly scored spectacularly bad on the Wonderlic test, got duped good, he's saying.

Nonetheless, what happened in court today was still confusing. "You're just an average Joe reporter," said attorney Charles Peckham, who's representing Pro Player. (Thanks, Charles.) "I'm a lawyer. I've been doing this for 21 years. And it befuddles me why this was brought."

"Young has very immature spending habits," he added.

It was a pretty quick hearing at the Harris County courthouse. "Although I'm a Longhorn, and watched the 2006 game, I'm not inclined to grant this temporary restraining order," said state District Judge Ravi Sandill. "Yeah. I'm gonna deny the TRO."

And that was that. Somewhere Vince Young, who by all accounts is broke, unemployable and still a college dropout, needs a drink needs to go clubbing needs a hug.

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