The "Wall Street Drunk" Video Becomes a Hit

Channel 13 Miya Shay's home-run


of a bootleg video showing a semi-loopy President Bush saying "Wall Street got drunk" has become an Internet sensation.

Search Bush, "Wall Street" and drunk today and you get almost a million entries.

In many ways it was perfect -- a River Oaks location, a fawning crowd, a sentence that seemed only tangentially related to English ("The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments.").

So how did she get the scoop?

Shay ain't saying.

"Unfortunately, I can not comment on how I obtained the video," she says. She also won't comment on whether she's heard from the White House.

So we don't know if someone came to her after the fact, or if she had a plant going in.

But it was a relatively small crowd in a small room. Attendees should be able to figure out who was standing in the general area that would have created the angle seen in the video.

Someone might not get invited to any more presidential fund-raisers.

-- Richard Connelly

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