The War Against Saggy Pants Has A New Battleground: Greenspoint Mall

Someone sent KTRK this picture of a sign announcing a new "No Saggy Pants" policy

In case the glare makes it hard to read, it says "Greenspoint Mall's No-Sagging Pants Policy: Any attire that exposes your undergarments will not be permitted," in impressively formal language that also seems to put in danger any woman with a stray bra strap showing.

Fortunately, the next sentence makes things clearer: "Pull up your pants or you could be asked to leave."

The mall, which like everything else in that neighborhood has the nickname "Gunpoint" attached to it, has apparently had enough of this fashion trend. They're not commenting on it, though, preferring to do their talking through the signs.

We can only hope they next address the problem of plumber's crack.

And, of course (you know you want it):

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