We're Number One!!

The Weather Channel Picks Houston As One Of The Best Climates (Kind Of)

Look, when The Weather Channel sets out to pick America's best climates, you pay attention. These guys are experts.

So it's extremely satisfying that Houston has been named as one of the best climates in America. Obviously the TWC people are lovingly familiar with our comfortable summer breezes, our delightful August humid -- say what? We're actually picked as the best climate for rain?

That's not quite the same thing, we have to say.

A poll of readers declared Astoria, Oregon to be the best place to experience rain, but TWC was having none of that.

Their staff pick was the city that came in fourth in the reader poll -- us.

"Even rain is bigger in Texas," they wrote, in a breathtakingly original turn of phrase. "Several factors help make [Houston] one of the most flood-prone cities and set the stage for huge deluges."

YAY!!!!!!!! Yay?

The best city to experience summer was not Houston, it was some California burg called San Diego. In what must be a typo or some other error, Houston is not even listed among the top five summer cities.

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