The Web Conducts Yet Another Calm, Reasonable Discussion

The Houston Chronicle reported today that the burgeoning problem of jail overcrowding may be dealt with by releasing low-risk offenders. They are also, as we mentioned today, eventually creating a mental-health court that will aim to treat the ill instead of simply repeatedly sending them to jail.

The new Harris County Jail opened, of course, because the old one was getting too clogged up with low-risk offenders. That's what happens when every judge is scared to death of being accused of being "soft on crime" come election time.

The Democratic sweep of the courthouse has brought some change in thinking, though, because Democrats -- as we all know -- are always soft on crime. New DA Pat Lykos, a Republican, is also bringing in some new ideas, so she's apparently soft on crime too.

Reasonable solutions bring out the best in Chronicle commenters, of course. Let's take a sample:

"Stupid is as stupid does. At least the GOP lege gave us the castle doctrine. Now that law enforcement and the judiciary has completely given up on even appearing to be trying to protect or defend the populace, we can at least protect ourselves. From now on, just shoot the perp, or else he'll be out on bond in a day or two, and come back to get you again."

"Bill Clinton is a DEMOCRAT and he PARDONED convicted DRUG SMUGGLERS!!!
B. Hussein Obama is a DEMOCRAT and he want to release TERRORISTS!!!
Sheila Jackson Lee is a DEMOCRAT and she spearheaded the drive to release drug dealers!!!
Adrian Garcia is a DEMOCRAT and he wants to release convicted felons!!!
Get the picture???"

"I don't see a problem here. I could care less if our jails are overcrowded. It SHOULD be a miserable place. As a law abiding citizen, I think maybe it would make people think twice before committing ANY crime."

I here Gitmo will be open soon
This threat is too old for people with memories.
Politicians want to scare you with the following:
1. We will have to cut school programs.
2. We will have to cut programs for the elderley.

Who says the US Senate is the world's greatest deliberative body?

-- Richard Connelly

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