The Week In TV: Mad About Mad Men Barbie Dolls

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I have no idea what day it is, my veins run thick with taquitos, and I took my shirt off in public. This was the week in TV Land:

• I'm a little amazed at the amount of TV I was able to watch this past week considering I've spent part of it in Austin for South by Southwest. Yes, I'm one of the many people clogging Twitter with #sxsw tags, though I'm here for the film festival, not the music (I look terrible in skinny jeans) or interactive (I've never been good at actualizing price points given varying cost structures of next-gen apps against this is actually how they talk I swear). But I did watch TV, and not just for you, but for me.

These are creepy, right? I mean: come on. That's just weird. I barely know where to begin. Are we saying we should totally reinforce the weird gender stereotypes of Barbie world by roping in the characters from Mad Men? Did no one stop to think about the mindbender of taking a show about product placement and turning it into product placement? Shouldn't Joan's proportions be different? Really, why do this at all?

• This week's Lost was pretty solid, if a bit heavy-handed (even for Lost, which is saying something). Chalk it up to Michael Emerson, whose acting chops are such that he can elevate the material and make it more compelling than it would be in other hands. The final season is going out with a bang so far, so I'm crossing my fingers it stays good.

The Pacific kicked off last night on HBO and runs Sundays through May 16. I thought it was a solid start to the latest World War II story from Tom Hanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Anybody else catch it?

• Because sometimes life is just that good, Conan O'Brien is going on tour. He's not allowed back on TV until the fall, but he's come up with a great way to make some cash and stoke the fires of goodwill by launching a 30-city tour that's already had to add second shows in New York and Chicago. Info is available here, but good luck to you. Most of the dates sold out hours after tickets went up last week. I should know; I'm lucky enough to be seeing him in Austin in May.

• Charlie Sheen's out of a rehab facility, which is where you get to go if you're famous and beat your girlfriend. He had a court date last week to address charges of domestic assault filed in December, after which he got back to work on your favorite and mine, Two and a Half Men. So let that be a lesson to younger readers: Get on TV, and you don't have to worry about the law.

• In news guaranteed to make the nerds squeal with glee, comedian Patton Oswalt announced last week that he's writing a standalone comic book set in the "Firefly" universe. I won't describe it for fear of spoiling it for newcomers, except to say it's about Wash, and I will be buying it, as should you all.

Not much else going on this week, kids, though FX's Justified premieres on Tuesday. Also, I am just now learning, the NCAA basketball tournament kicks off on Thursday. So, um, go Whatever Your School Is.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.