The Weekend In Photos

From the tame to the terrifying, this weekend was full of thrills. Check out the weekend in photos below.

Photo by Craig Hlavaty
​Star Wars In Concert came to the Toyota Center on Sunday night, bringing an entire symphony orchestra, chorus, laser show, cases of memorabilia and even Anthony Daniels with them. Our review of the concert is over at Rocks Off. And for more pictures, check out our slideshow.

Down in Clear Lake, the three-day 2009 RE/MAX Ballunar Liftoff Festival took advantage of the crystal clear skies and perfect weather to celebrate man and flight. Click here for a slideshow of more images.

Photo by Katharine Shilcutt

​On Saturday night, zombies took over Montrose -- if only for a while -- as people donned their finest undead attire and zombiewalked for charity. More pictures are here; our post on the Zombie Walk is here.


The club scene was in full swing this weekend as dancers tore up the floor at Rich's. Click here for more pictures from the night.

Meanwhile, over at The Drake, the beautiful people lounged and lived it up. Check out more photos here.

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