The Wonderful Wandas Of Beaumont, Living The High Life (Of Beaumont)

Via the always-entertaining Bayou blog of the Beaumont Enterprise, we have learned of possibly the greatest TV show ever. EVER. (Note: Follow the word "ever" with "to air in Beaumont.")

We cannot see the show, alas, but we did get a sneak peek of it here. It is called Wandas, and it dedicated to bringing to viewers the fascinating, absorbing, astounding details of Beaumont society wives.

For a half-hour each month, the Fox affiliate in Beaumont will lift the curtain to show this exclusive, rarefied world, a place where pampered women blithely shop at the best stores Beaumont has to offer, not even bothering with coupons. (We kid. Kinda.)

"Wandas," we're told, is an affectionate term used by "the wives of doctors and lawyers and business owners of this area." Again, "this area" is Beaumont, people. We can't stress that enough.

"We decided to do a series and kind of explain the life of a traditional Wanda," host Brain Glenn says.

"What kind of things can we expect to see?" he's asked by a colleague.

"We've got some coverage at home, with the kids -- you know, they're just like everybody else: They don't have nannies, they get their kids dressed in the morning, make breakfast," he answers. "They do just what we do."

But they are Wandas as they do it!!! "This show gives a glimpse of the life of these ladies of Southeast Texas, and what sets them apart as being special," Glenn says.

Wait -- we thought they were just like us! This Wanda stuff is so confusing.

The hard-hitting documentary series, which we can only hope will be available on DVD at some point, began this month.

We might have to plan monthly trips to the Golden Triangle just to watch it.

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