NASA is reassuring humans that the world is not about to end.EXPAND
NASA is reassuring humans that the world is not about to end.
Image courtesy of NASA

Armageddon Will Not Be Upon Us This Sunday, NASA Maintains

The beginning of the end of all days was supposed to start last month, but now the word goes that the end of the world will actually kick off this Sunday.

As we've noted before, this whole the-end-is-nigh business started with a four-minute video by the evangelical Christian publication Unsealed that made the rounds. In the viral video, "September 23, 2017: You Need to See This," one David Meade, a conspiracy theorist, claimed the Rapture would start on September 23, owing to a clutch of verses and numerical codes he claims he has found in the Bible, when the planet Nibiru smacks into Earth.

Of course, NASA dismissed this business, and Meade was proved wrong when the day arrived and the world continued to spin.

But Meade wasn't discouraged by this failure, apparently due to some crummy Bible math. Instead, he has since come out with a new prediction, claiming the world will now move into the beginning of the end on October 15, this Sunday, when his mystery planet — the one NASA has very clearly stated does not exist — will pass by the Earth, starting a wave of hurricanes and earthquakes sent to show off the beginning of seven years of damnation before this whole existence collapses in on itself.

Meade is getting a little more savvy this time around, too. He's folded in the threat of nuclear war between the United States and Great Britain versus Russia, China and North Korea. He has been given some credence since his big world-ending prediction followed Hurricane Harvey and all the other disasters that have struck in the past couple of months, but fingers crossed that's just a coincidence.

And once again NASA continues to stand by its assertion that Nibiru is not a real planet, and the world is not ending as we know it, or at least it is not about to be smacked by a traveling planet.

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