The World's Most Pompous Real-Estate Video

John Williams, lay down your head in shame.

You may think you've cornered the market on pompous, overblown Spielberg-ian movie music, but it's now obvious that you're just an amateur.

The people at real-estate giant Hines Interests have shown just what musical pomposity is.

And it's all in celebration of a new office building, Williams. Anyone can put music to burnish the image of a Holocaust hero or a fightin' GI Joe, but it takes real skill to stir the heartstrings over a piece of downtown property.

Check out the video, via Swamplot.

A video that is only slightly shorter, as it turns out, than one of those epic movies you toil on.

But listen to the music. Any second you expect Jesus Christ to descend on a rainbow cloud to say "This guy Hines -- this is the reason I created man."

We never had any thoughts one way or the other about Hines' latest skyscraper project for downtown Houston, but this soundtrack has us sufficiently awe-inspired that we can only bow down in gratitude.

-- Richard Connelly

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