There Is No Reason To Panic Just Because Wild Bobcats Are Roaming Downtown Houston

Authorities have corralled a bobcat from a parking garage on Rusk.

Not Bobcat Goldthwait. Not one of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. A bobcat, as in the four-legged predator who is a known meat-eater.

Fierce hunters, bobcats can kill prey much bigger than themselves, but usually eat rabbits, birds, mice, squirrels, and other smaller game. The bobcat hunts by stealth, but delivers a deathblow with a leaping pounce that can cover 10 feet (3 meters).
Not to alarm you or anything, but feel free to replace "rabbits" with "toddlers."

KTRK reports that the bobcat "crawl[ed] out from beneath a pick-up truck" and likely came from Buffalo Bayou, traipsing downtown by night (bobcats are nocturnal), waiting patiently for The Most Dangerous Prey to wander innocently into its path.

It took 90 minutes to tranquilize the animal.

"The bobcat was checked by a veterinarian, determined to be healthy and sent to Brazos Bend State Park," KTRK reports.

What? Now that it has the scent and possibly the taste -- we don't know yet if any Houstonians are missing -- we are letting it plot its way back?


Update: Here's video from Channel 11.

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Richard Connelly
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