There's A Bomb At SXSW, MacGruber!!!!

The South by Southwest Film Festival has firmed up its lineup, and it includes a film by artiste Michael Gondry and....MacGruber.

There is a lot of hatred out there for the Saturday Night Live MacGruber sketches, but we have to admit we like them. Mostly because they come in small doses, not in 90-minute chunks.

We saw the MacGruber trailer in the theater, and got exactly one chuckle out of it (The joke  with the wires.) So let's just say our hopes aren't high for where this will land in the not-so-storied ranks of SNL spinoff movies. We assume the SXSW organizers think it's better than It's Pat.

Interestingly, the creator of MacGyver is threatening legal action over the movie and its SXSW showing, saying it damages his dream to make a kick-ass movie that will revive the whole MacGyver franchise (File that under "Dreams of the Deluded").

So maybe SXSW won't get to show it after all. Which might be best for everyone concerned.

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Richard Connelly
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