They Haven't Given Up Hope Yet On Making The Astrodome Into A Movie Studio

These are tough times for the Astrodome -- it's in such bad shape that the rodeo could not use it for its Hideout bar and performance area this year.

These are also tough times for the economy, as you may have heard, and tough times to launch seemingly improbable schemes requiring financing.

But all that hasn't daunted the people who are looking to transform the Dome into a movie studio.

Within a week or two, they've announced, they will have their formal presentation before the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation.

Their proposal "will require the least amount of alteration to this historic trasure and it will require the least amount of funding to get it up and running," Astrodome Studios says in an announcement.

They've got a celeb endorsement from director Richard Linklater, who says "It's great news that the Astrodome, in my home town, may become a production studio for Texas."

Backers of the projectsay a production studio is basically a big, empty warehouse with offices, "just what the Astrodome is now."

There are worse things that could happen to the Dome, to be sure. Indoor skiing and cliff-climbing, for one, which was presented at one time. (Complete with a fake lagoon!)

So we actually wish these guys the best. They probably need it.

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