They Stayed In The Flagship Hotel -- And Survived

Galveston County Daily News reporter Leigh Jones is Twittering her reporting today and says that 11 people rode out the storm in the Flagship Hotel.

The Flagship is the historic building built over a pier that extends well out into the Gulf.

That must have been an experience.

Our Olivia Flores Alvarez reports, by the way, that the Causeway is now open, but police seem to be checking and only allowing those with Galveston driver's licenses to cross.

Update: The official statement from TxDOT:


The IH 45-Gulf Freeway remains closed southbound from FM 519 into Galveston. Texas Department of Transportation crews have cleared the road on the Causeway; however, there is a significant amount of debris and Galveston Island remains closed. Only first responders are allowed to enter Galveston. The Texas Department of Public Safety is actively manning the location and turning away motorists.

Wayne Dolcefino, we're told, went on an forceful on-air tirade at some point over the weekend, accusing officials of keeping airspace over the island closed (to prevent, we assume, pictures of floating bodies or Katrina-like "Help Us!" scenes).

So apparently the feds have learned something about disaster management.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.