They're Already Droppin' Their Gs For Sarah Palin's Appearance

Rick Perry fans, Alaska fans, fans of incredibly inexperienced cliche-spoutin' national politicians, they're all pumped for the big rally Saturday featuring the governor and Sarah Palin. And Ted Nugent, too, but that's just icing on the cuckoo cake.

Jes' how downhome is alla this speechifyin' a-goin' to be? We can take our cue from the e-mail sent out to people who reserved tickets, from the Perry campaign:

Speaking of dress this is a rally -- so jeans and boots casual, be comfortable.

Now due to the environment we all live in today. This is a private event. No trespassing is allowed, it is for Perry supporters. No signs, sticks, or glass bottles or cans allowed. Please bring your cameras, cell phones, and PDA's, your voices, your enthusiasm, your patience and your conservative spirit. This is going to be a liberty-lovin', freedom-singin', blow the doors down, good ole' fashioned rally. We are excited to see you this Sunday.
Man, they're droppin' Gs like a Wall Street banker at a hookers-and-blow party.

Interestingly, they're still encouraging people to "please encourage your friends and family to register" for tickets, as a "limited number" are still available.

On the other hand, they are having two events, it appears, one at the arena and one at the indoor stadium at the Berry Complex in Cypress.

They'll be a-simulcastin' each one to the other venue, so you won't miss a thing. Or a thin'.

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