They're Back Playing High School Sports In Texas

Texas' UIL had originally canceled a bunch of competitions until May 11 because of the swine-flu scare, but it appears they've now got things under control.

The organization announced this afternoon that they're cranking things up again as of tomorrow.

Because of "the magnitude and scope" of the regional and state track meets, there's no change to the schedule announced last week for those events, the UIL said, but other things -- from musical and academic competitions to baseball and softball -- will have revised times, available at the link above.

"The UIL has made every attempt at rescheduling all events to promote the best possible scenario for competition," said UIL Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt. "By allowing interscholastic competitions to resume on May 7, it will provide those student-athletes an opportunity to compete in a more comparable manner to the original schedule."

So adjust your steroid-taking and Ritalin-gobbling, kids!! It's onnnnn!

The early reviews from the reporters who have to cover these things: Not good.

"When CYA goes wrong."


"And the UIL admits that it overreacted and reinstates all sports starting tomorrow and in the process fucking over baseball and softball coaches who had planned their playoff games already."

"Playoff coverage plan No. 3, coming right up. [UIL head Charles] Breithaupt's a boob."

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