They're Letting Anyone On The Tollroads These Days

A nugget from yesterday's press conference by County Judge Ed Emmett: Those fancy-pants tollpayers on the Sam Houston and Westpark tollways are getting a little perturbed by all the riff-raff that's being let on the roads these days.

Emmett said he had received a bunch of phone calls and messages asking that tolls be reinstated (the roads have been free post-Ike).

Apparently there's just too much traffic on the tollroads now.

And the cars? Why, since the roads have been free the whole Lexus-to-dented-Ford-pickup ration has gone all to hell.

It's bad enough cruising past the hoi polloi as you zoom down the E-Z Tag lane, but when everyone has the same VIP pass, well, it makes you wonder just how fast Houston is going to hell.

Emmett did not say when tolls would be reinstated, but we sincerely hope that it is soon, before the cultural clash becomes too much.

-- Richard Connelly

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