They're Making A Documentary About The Dome, And They Want Your Family Keepsakes

Via the always-entertaining Bayou City History blog at the Chron we learned of a budding documentary about that quaint old abandoned building that used to be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Chip Rives, one of the producers/directors/writers of The Dome, tells Hair Balls he and his partner have done interviews with Nolan Ryan, Bum Phillips and Dan Pastorini, but also some of the non-sports people connected with the place (George HW Bush; Judge Hofheinz's daughter Dene).

A preview on their website shows plenty of 1960s' kitschy color film, but Rives is looking for more.

"We really want anyone who has film or photos of the Dome to contact us through the website," he says. "We want to see all we can."

Initially, the plan was to put up the preview and see what big pockets might bite -- if it was ESPN, then the producers were ready to do a sports-moments-in-the-Dome movie; if it was the History or Discovery Channel, they could go that way.

But now they've hooked up with the people who are trying to convert the empty Dome into a movie studio, and they're going full steam ahead with what they've always planned, which is a combination of the ESPN/History Channel vibe.

Here's hoping they succeed -- we love video of the Dome in its infancy, the exploding scoreboard, the (pretty bad) theme restaurants, Beer Night and so on.

Check out the site, and go dig up some of that old family film.

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