They're Talking About Us In Scotland

Here is one of our favorite Ike headlines so far, from a newspaper in Scotland:

"Schoolboy In Hurricane Hell."

Jack Mackintosh, a 17-year-old from the town of Barrhead, was in Houston to visit NASA as part of an educational trip sponsored by Careers Scotland.

The lede of the story:

A Barrhead teen found himself caught up in a life-threatening hurricane during a dream trip to America.

Brave Jack Macintosh, 17, won a competition to visit the NASA space station in Houston, Texas, but the trip took a turn for the worse when Hurricane Ike struck.

The sixth-year-pupil at Barrhead High school was evacuated from his hotel on September 12 amid fears that it would flood.

His tale:

It was pretty scary.

We were taken to another hotel and by this point you could barely stand still because the storm was so strong. We were in Houston when the storm passed over but the weather was frantic and I have never seen anything like that before.

Brave Jack Mackintosh is back home now; he apparently loved the trip despite the "hurricane hell."

And he's happy to be home. Where, we're guessing, they have electricity.

-- Richard Connelly

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