Thieves Prepare for Summer Early by Plundering A/C Unit

After living in Houston for almost my entire life, I have accepted the fact that this city is gets too damn hot for too damn long. But, like everybody else, I just bitch and moan, until I finally accept it and I grab a cold beer and call it a day.

Some have other ideas.

According to a report from KPRC, an air conditioning unit was stolen in a northeast Houston shopping center located on Royal Forest Drive and Kingwood Drive on Wednesday.

I smell an elaborate heist (someone call Scooby and the Gang!).

A George Clooney-like figure is anticipating how hot it will get. He meets with his Brad Pitt-like buddy in a bar, who agrees that the temperatures in Houston will get too damn high. Nine members, a gigantic van and one rainy night later, problem solved. Police arrived early in the morning only to find debris from the unit.

While some people just accept the forthcoming heat, others have plans in mind to combat it. The crime is still under investigation, but rest assured, the Andy Garcia of this heist is super pissed and will be sweating it out for quite some time.

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