Thieves Skip the Door, Smash Through Wall of Houston Camera Store

The owners of Camera Co-op on Durham Drive are looking for anyone who might know someone who just "happened" to come into seven brand new Canon cameras.

The store was burglarized early Saturday in a move that gives a whole new meaning to the term "smash and grab," when a car punched a hole into the store's front wall. Later in the day, customers couldn't help but notice the draft and the tarp and plywood used to cover the single-story brick building's new mouth.

Matt Skinner, a manager with 13 years working at the store, told Hair Balls the theory floating around about the brazen camera-thieving mastermind(s) is that they came to the store posing as customers some time last week and cased the joint.

The burglary, Skinner said, was fast and efficient. He could tell from the small time frame of when the store's alarm was tripped (Co-op's bosses and manager were informed of this) to the time security and police arrived. The heist lasted less than 5 minutes, Skinner said. "If anyone saw anything, please come by and give us any information we can use," Skinner said.

Camera Co-op was burglarized over the weekend.
The Houston Police Department's burglary and theft detectives are still looking into the incident in the Rice Military neighborhood. They said a white Dodge Intrepid was used to smash the camera store's wall. How do they know? Because the car was left across the street from the store in the 4900 block of Rose Street. Ballsy indeed. According to an HPD spokesperson the car was heavily damaged in the rear.

The stolen camera's ranged in price from $500 to more than $3,500. Anyone with any information is urged to call authorities at 713-222-Tips.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.