Things We Don't Get: Walton & Johnson

Through no fault of our own, we stumbled once again on the Walton & Johnson radio show on 950 AM this morning. OK, it was our "fault," because we were trying to find something interesting to listen to.

We had forgotten just how bad these guys are. We quickly remembered as we listened, struck dumb by the utter inanity of it all.

The lisping gay guy. The "black-guy voice" talking about how Obama's going to take over all the radio stations.

Right-wing nuts can be funny at times; Rush Limbaugh is an entertaining, if massively wrong, radio personality. Shock jocks can be funny at times; we admit we've laughed occasionally at Howard Stern. So no, it's not that we never laugh at people who oh-so-bravely thumb their nose at "the PC police."

But these guys, and their show, are so aggressively unfunny -- so inimical to the idea that a "joke" is intended to generate a "laugh" -- that we have to wonder: Have they ever been funny?

We're willing to be convinced. We're willing to believe that we just happen to miss every hilarious moment and only happen to tune in to the ones that are dumber than Sarah Palin's geography teacher.

So please...Walton & Johnson fans, send us examples of stuff they've done that you think is funny. Links to podcasts, clips, anything that would show they understand the concept of humor.

If we're wrong, we'll be glad to admit it.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.