Things You Should Know About The Astros Trade (Including: Yes, The Astros Still Exist)

The baseball world was rocked to its core yesterday by a five-player trade between the Houston Astros and the Oakland A's.

While the definition of "rocked to its core" may vary among baseball fans -- and "barely took notice" would be an acceptable, indeed unassailably factual, equivalent -- the trade accomplished several things., and left much to discuss. Including these five things.

5. The trade proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Astros do continue to exist. Evidence that the franchise was still operating has been difficult to come by -- especially if you are looking for actual eyewitnesses of games, live or on TV -- but this was a real, non-prank trade that was in all some of the papers, and that means the Astros are still alive. In fact, they probably have tickets for sale. Plenty of tickets.

4. Baseball fun!! Five players were involved in the trade: Chris Carter, Jed Lowrie, Brad Peacock, Fernando Rodriguez and Max Stassi. Name those who were Astros as of last week. (Yes, all of them are professional baseball players.)

The answer: Jed Lowrie and Fernando Rodriguez. Come on, you remember the Jed Lowrie Era at Minute Maid! It involved many empty seats.

3. What are the odds that in the 21st century, a major league baseball trade would involve guys named Jed and Max? The answer: miniscule, unless you're including baseball re-enactors, who spend their weekends sporting glued-on handlebar mustaches.

2. Quick, no googling -- what position did our Jed play for the `Stros? Answer: Shortstop. Exactly half the fans who answered that correctly could not have done so before Monday.

1.The Astros' webpage, of course, did a story on the trade. Exactly how many paragraphs did the story include talking about the Oakland A's angle on the deal before discussing the Astros angle/

a) None. C'mon, it's the Astros' webpage. They're gonna talk about the Astros. b) Four.

(The answer: b.)

The opening words of the story that was on the Astros homepage: "The A's added another new piece to their infield Monday..."

Keep it up, Astros. Someday we'll take notice.

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