Think Warm Thoughts With the Dynamo's New Stadium. The Dynamo's Weird New Stadium

You may be cold now, but soon enough you'll be baking as you try to watch the Dynamo.

Soon, though -- the 2012 season -- you'll be at least partially shaded, in the team's new stadium near downtown.

Official drawings are out from lead architect Populous and they show...a spaceship-looking thing.

The official architect-ese description:

Rising above the tree canopy, the stadium alludes to the heritage of its neighborhood through use of simple industrial materials. Arranged in a distinctive tessellated pattern, the stadium skin evokes an industrial gem of individually composed, expanded metal facets. Punctuating this bold architectural form, the new stadium is highlighted in orange polycarbonate at three-story-high entries and throughout new spectator areas. Dynamo orange accentuates the unique design across the building, as all structures penetrating through the metal skin are clad in the same orange paneling.

"We set out to design the perfect urban soccer stadium; tight, atmospheric and intimate," said Christopher Lee of Populous. "It's a beautiful stadium for the beautiful game."

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