Thirty-Five Years Later, A Real-Life Sugarland Express

Here, via Fox 26, is your entertaining police-chase video of the day.

The station reports that HPD is investigating why it took forty patrol cars to apprehend this fiend. It was our town's own little remake of The Sugarland Express.

Check it out. This truck cruises not too quickly on I-45, followed by a phalanx of cops who have all jumped on the bandwagon, either for the entertainment value or because it was better than cruising the Fifth Ward.

The guy ends up the wrong way on the highway, facing directly into the army of HPD cars....so he starts backing up. Slowly. As all these cops patiently watch.

Eventually, Criminal Mastermind decides to make a slow-motion run for it down the hill to the service road. Other cop cars await him there, since we guess there really wasn't enough room for them on the highway.

The chasee finally gives up, probably just so he could ask the cops why the hell they had to use so many cars.

Like we say, The Sugarland Express.

Baby Langston!! Baby Langston!!

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