This Just In: A Wiffle-Ball Bat Is Not A Deadly Weapon

Partying in Beaumont -- does it get any better? The smoky industrial fumes, the Golden Triangle aura, the knowledge that at any moment you could up and visit the Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum if you wanted to: It's what makes life in Beaumont so good.

As long as you keep the Wiffle-Ball Bats safely put away.

A woman was shot in the chest over the weekend at a party in Beaumont; she's expected to survive. According to the Beaumont Enterprise:

[A] fight broke out, and one partygoer tried to hit another with a plastic wiffle ball bat, but missed and struck a child, according to an incident report filed by police. A larger fight ensued, and a party guest got a pistol, shot once in the air and shot a woman in the upper right chest, according to the report.

The courtesy of a warning shot: That's just Beaumont friendliness.

The shooter is claiming she was protecting her home, but the police say that would mean they would have to classify the plastic wiffle-ball bat as a deadly weapon.

As TV station KBMT put it, "Beaumont Police officer Randy Stevens says, 'That's when somebody retrieved a hand gun and shot somebody. In this particular case, if you're going to use self defense it has to be you use deadly force to stop deadly force. And in this particular situation it doesn't appear to be the case.'"

The shooter told the station "the shots weren't fired at anyone in particular and unfortunately struck one of the people at the party."

Yeah, unfortunate, that.

If only she used a Nerf gun.

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